Sunday, September 23, 2018

Complete Pest & Weed Removal in Brantford

Biehn Weed & Pest Control is government licenced and fully insured. We specialize in complete pest and weed removal in Brantford, Ontario, and surrounding areas. Removal of small insects and rodents, all the way to local wildlife can be managed by us. At Biehn Weed & Pest Control, we do it all!

Remove Pests & Repair Damage

Not only can we remove any unwanted pests, but we can repair any damage done by them. We want to ensure your home is safe and secure so that no repeat visitors enter your home while addressing any structural threats.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Weed removal is also performed by Biehn Weed & Pest Control. Your lawn will be rid of all unwanted weeds to prevent spreading, ensuring that you have a flawless lawn to enjoy!

No matter what your home or lawn needs are, Biehn Weed & Pest Control can help.

Biehn Weed & Pest Control | Brantford, Ontario & Brant County | 519 753 3103